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Name:a work in progress
Birthdate:Jul 29
Website:my lj
My name's Anita, but most people call me Nita or Hey You. At LJ, I'm [profile] wintersjuly. I'm currently not into anything specific and wander around reading in five fandoms all at once like a mad person. I've written fic for mostly JE but I'm dawdling around so expect some attempts at fic in random fandoms at least, which is either something you find terrifying or maybe encouraging.

Most entries are friends only, but only because I'm paranoid and weird. I tend to randomly privatise things out of acute embarrassment, so entries disappear and reappear depending on how much I think the clown is out to eat me.

Friending wise, everything's a free for all. :)

Interests (29):

arthur's-surname-is-darling, brrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, dean-winchester as a kitten, drinking caffeine as self-therapy, ears of fury!merlin, erza-topping-natsu-and-gray-since-she-was-ten, frank's little face, imaginary pants, jin's intellectual musings, john watson's moustache, kittens! at the veterinary, magneto=magnetic and neato!:))))?, mandatory pants club, people-of-the-world look into pants!!!!, pocket-sized frank, pon-farring your face, princess arthur of camelot, pwned-deriving-from-the-word-'cat', samantha emoface winchester, set phasers to fabulous~, sherlock/coat otp, spencer smith's "..." face, spock's existential crisis, strawberry shortcake!gerard way, teenie weenie deanie, unsui is a woobie, waybabies populating the world, yamapi's sub-textual hip thrusts, your face

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